"And I sought for a man among them, that should make up the hedge, and stand in the gap..." -Ezekiel 22:30


What is Involved in a Seminar?

One week for life!

The world’s greatest need is to know the Lord Jesus Christ as Savior. Who will tell them? Who will reach them? How will we reach them? How to reach people where they work, live and play is key, these are people that will never set foot in a church. The primary desire of The Ezekiel Project is to put the “go” back into the Gospel by training individuals on how to reach these precious people where they are. These training seminars are designed to help disciple those burdened in evangelism to “do the work of the evangelist.”

Evangelism Training Seminar

The Training Seminar introduces the why and how of open air evangelism by teaching techniques, both basic and advanced in preaching, painting, witnessing, and other specialized skills. The seminar includes 5 full days of extensive classroom lectures, workshops, and the actual participation in the evangelism ministry on the street.


DETROIT METRO AREA – August 19-23 (More info coming soon)

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The Ezekiel Project seminar was truly one of the best weeks of my life. I appreciated the discipline, the intensity, and the genuineness of the staff and their presentations. May the Lord make it the beginning of a recovery of the vision for evangelism that the assemblies evidently once had.” –James J. Martindale – Seminar Alumnus